Insomnia can be can be characterised by:
1. Difficulty falling asleep
2. Difficulty staying asleep
3. Waking up too early
4. Poor quality sleep
Symptoms include:
* Low energy/fatigue
* Lack of motivation
* Attention, concentration or memory problems
* Poor performance at school or work
* Extreme mood changes
* Daytime sleepiness
* Trouble making errors at work or while driving
* Tension, headaches or stomach aches
* Frustration or worry about your sleep
The Sleep Wales appointment for insomnia.
A full history of the insomnia will be assessed. Other aspects that can interact with insomnia will be discussed e.g. medical and psychological illnesses. Questionnaires on fatigue and sleep perception will be carried out in the clinic as well. It is important to rule out other sleep disorders that may be manifesting as insomnia e.g. obstructive sleep apnoea.
Treating insomnia
Insomnia is complex and can been deep rooted. It is for this reason that treatment has to be tailored to the individual. From experience we see people coming with a wide range of 'insomnia stories'. Some people have developed insomnia as a result of stress, some people are significantly underestimating how much they are sleeping, some people are just so scared of not sleeping that they struggle to fall asleep due to feeling so anxious. 
We specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy in managing insomnia. The role of cognitive behavioural therapy i.e. retraining the individual to perceive sleep differently as well as undergo strategies that would promote better quality sleep and cope with poor quality sleep is encouraged. The role of sleeping tablets in treating insomnia will depend on the individual's previous attempts to treat insomnia as well as the needs of the individual. Although long term sleeping tablets are not ideal, some patients may feel this is a perfectly acceptable solution to their problem.

Hypnotherapy is an established way of allowing one to wind down, reduce any tension and fears. Hypnotherapy is tailored to the individual and can help the subconscious mind to relax more about sleep and let go of old, often irrational sleep thought.

In the SleepWales clinic we do not believe in seeing clients over and over again. Instead we aim to see the client once or twice maximum as we believe that if therapy is well-designed and tailored, it can be short , non-complex and effective.