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Night time breathing for insomnia

Night time breathing for insomnia

Nearly everyone that I see in the Sleep Wales clinic describes feeling agitated at night or having lots of racing thoughts.

If there is one way of staying calm at night, that is to breath!

It sounds like such a cliche doesn't it? We have all heard about how slowing down our breathing can help us to calm down but how exactly does it work? How exactly do we do it?

Breathing is important for several reasons. If we start to feel agitated or tense, our breathing can speed up. This is our body's natural fight or flight response kicking in.

The faster we breath, the more agitated we start to feel and the more tense we become. 

Here's what to do....

Make sure that you are resting somewhere quiet and comfortable. Ideally, you will be in a horizontal position.

Start by becoming aware of your breathing. You don't have to change it, just become aware of breathing...through your nose.

Notice how you your stomach rises with each in breath and drops with each out-breath.

Continue to stay aware of your breathing. If your mind wonders off, that is quite normal, just bring your attention back to your breath.

Now, notice just how nice and enjoyable it is just to breath. Notice how enjoyable it is just to do nothing except breath. Allow yourself that pleasure.

Allow your breathing to naturally slow down

After as little as 2 minutes, you are likely to notice that you feel a lot calmer, your muscles more relaxed and your mind less agitated.